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Sri Chaitanya sent a man to Ramananda. Ramananda lived a lived a life of luxury, but at the name of the Lord fountain of tears of devotion burst from his eyes. The man did not understand why he wept. They say, if you are not a sadhu, you cannot know a sadhu – as a brinjal seller cannot appraise a diamond. Only that one, who through Sadhana has attained a higher stage can understand a true devotee.

At the time of meditation, you must think that desires and passions have no existence, that they are unreal. Gradually this impression will sink into your mind. As you drive out these thoughts, force in good ones. During meditation, if you perceive some light or sound, know that you are going in the along the right path.


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There are two quotations that Swami Brahmananda used to repeat to his disciples regularly:

“Tell the truth, but never a harsh truth.” The second was from the teachings of Sri Chaitanya:
Be humbler than a blade of grass,
Be patient and forbearing like the the tree,
Take no honour to thyself,
Give honour to all,
Chant unceasingly the Name of the Lord.

Swami Vivekananda once said: “A real guru knows, the past, present, and the future of all his disciples.” Swami Brahmananda knew this about each one of his disciples. Below is an example of an incident Swami Prabhavananda relates:

I was sitting cross-legged in front of Maharaj, with his feet resting on my knees. This was the position in which I often used to massage his feet. Then something happened to me, which I cannot explain. I found myself in a condition in which I was talking, and talking, forgetting my usual restraint, It seemed to me that I spoke freely for a long time, but I do not remember what I said. Maharaj listened and said nothing.

Suddenly I returned to normal consciousness and became aware of Maharaj leaning towards me, and asked me what I said. I then realized, I addressed him as “tumi” (term used for you, when addressing friends and equals). I quickly corrected myself by using apani (respectful form of you).

“I can only assume that Maharaj wanted to corroborate his own intuitive knowledge of my past lives, and he therefore put me into this unusual state of consciousness, in which I was able to tell him what he wanted to know.

Jai Thakur!

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