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Devout Hindus have firm faith that whoever dies at Kashi (Varanasi) gets released from bondage of worldly life. The popular scripture Kashi – Khanda proclaims, “One who dies at Varanasi gets liberated without any special effort.” Sri Ramakrishna Himself endorsed this view, as is evident from one incident. Master Himself narrated:

“My sister, Hriday’s mother, used worship my feet with flowers and sandal paste. One day I placed my foot on her head and said to her, “You will die in Benaras.” It is said that Master’s Blessings came true.


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Maharaj: Peace and Sincere love of God and true faith come together. At the very start how can one attain peace? First restsleseness must come, yearning and intense pain for NOT having seeing HIM, the greater the thirst the sweeter the water. We must rouse unrest in the heart. When a man does not find happiness in the world, then he grows restless and attachment to God awakens him. So love of God will eventually grow by sadhana and intense prayer.

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