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Sri Ramakrishna said: “When a worldly man goes to holy places, he doesn’t have any time to think of God. He almost kills himself carrying bundles for his wife. On entering the temple, he is very eager to give his child the holy water to drink, but has no time for his own devotions.” To derive benefit from pilgrimage, one must devoutly and consciously cherish holy thoughts, when one is at a holy place. This practice gets strengthened by the power present in holy places.


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Maharaj: Peace and Sincere love of God and true faith come together. At the very start how can one attain peace? First restsleseness must come, yearning and intense pain for NOT having seeing HIM, the greater the thirst the sweeter the water. We must rouse unrest in the heart. When a man does not find happiness in the world, then he grows restless and attachment to God awakens him. So love of God will eventually grow by sadhana and intense prayer.

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