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Sri Ramakrishna Himself often rebuked His most intimate disciples, and Maharaj also used this method to train those who were near and dear to him. The chastening of a disciple never began, however, until after he enjoyed several years of love and kind words. These experiences were painful at the time, but they were later treasured among the the disciple’s sweetest memories. It often happened that even while the disciple was being reproached by Maharaj, he would (disciple)
would feel a strange undercurrent of joy.

The harsher the words, the more intensely we felt his interest in our welfare. The very fact that could speak to us in this way proved that we his children , his own.


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Brotherly love

When Swami Vivekananda returned from the west, Swami Brahmananda welcomed his brother, placing a garland of flowers around his neck. Swamijee in turn touched the feet of Maharaj, quoting a saying from the scriptures: “The son of a guru is to be regarded as the guru himself.”
(meaning that Swami Brahmananda was the spiritual son of Sri Ramakrishna.)
Smilingly sweetly Maharaj touched Swamijee’s feet and returned the compliment with another quotation: “Ones elder brother is to be respected like one’s father.”

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