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Maharaj kept a watchful eye on the progress of each member of the order. He turned everyones heart continually towards God, and directed all the members actions and the activities of the mission toward the integrating of that inner strength, which alone can benefit mankind physically, morally and spiritually.

When young men of varied temperaments live together, it is only natural that misunderstandings will arise from time to time, no matter how high their common ideal may be. In one of the monastries connected with a home service, there were a number of untrained members. They had arrived from school and colleges. When they had been a while together, their old tendencies began to reassert themselves. They formed rival groups and started to quarrel. A senior swami of the mission wrote to Swami Brahmananda, telling him the boys were unfit for monastic life.

Maharaj gave them instructions, that all boys should meditate regularly in his presence. Then he began to instruct them, making no distinction between the good and the bad. Gradually the whole atmosphere of the place improved. The boys forgot their quarrels because they no longer had any time for them. And, when Maharaj left, two or three months later, perfect harmony had been restored in the monastry. All the boys had become better and more spiritual.


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