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Holy Mother once complained that Maharaj did not accept enough disciples . It so happened that just then Maharaj was invited to see a play about the life of Ramanuja which was written by one of his own disciples. In this drama, there is a scene which expresses Ramanuja’s great love for mankind. The action is as follows:

Ramanuja’s guru initiates him with a sacred mantram and warns him never to reveal it anyone.
“What will happen if I do”? Ramanuja asks, and his Guru replies: “Whoever hears this mantram will be liberated from bondage of his ignorance, but you will suffer damnations. Ramanuja gathers a crowd around him and utters the sacred mantram for all to hear. Ramanuja’s guru pretends to be angry and rebukes him for his disobedience.

Ramanuja answers: “If my damnation can liberate so many people, then my supreme desire is to be damned.” His guru was delighted indeed and blessed him. This drama and Holy Mother’s remarked made a deep impression upon Maharaj. He then initiated many more disciples.


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