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Tara (woman who worked with Girish Chandra Gosh on stage performing drama etc.) recalls her visit to Maharaj : Swami Brahmananda, the Spiritual son of Sri Ramakrishna, was revered and respected by all. With what undeserved care and affection he made me his own! I never saw my father, he died before I was born. I thought to myself : “Is this what a father’s affection is like? Or is this something greater?

I could not hold back my tears. My lifelong sorrow melted as the tears fell from my eyes, and I realized: Here is my refuge. Here is someone to whom I am Not a sinner, I am Not an outcast. I am the daughter of Maharaj. He who has none is Maharaj’s own. He is My Maharaj, my father, my heaven, my peace and my God.

What peace I found in Maharaj! I am truly a Blessed Soul because I met Maharaj!


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