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When Sri Ramakrishna went on pilgrimage to Vrindavan, He expressed a desire to listen to the music of the vina, a stringed instrument, but no expert vina player could be found there. That desire again arose when he went to Varanasi. On enquiry, a virtuoso player on the vina, Mahesh Chandra Sarkar, was found. Master went straight to his house, and requested him to play. Mahesh played the vina , and its sweet melody sent the Master into deep ecstasy.

As Master partially regained external consciousness, He prayed: “Mother, please let me listen to the vina”. After that He was able to remain in the external plane. Master was so delighted, that at times he sang to the accompaniment of the vina. Mahesh felt that his three hours of playing was amply rewarded. The Master later paid tribute to maestro Mahesh saying: “He completely lost himself while playing on the vina.


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Tara (woman who worked with Girish Chandra Gosh on stage performing drama etc.) recalls her visit to Maharaj : Swami Brahmananda, the Spiritual son of Sri Ramakrishna, was revered and respected by all. With what undeserved care and affection he made me his own! I never saw my father, he died before I was born. I thought to myself : “Is this what a father’s affection is like? Or is this something greater?

I could not hold back my tears. My lifelong sorrow melted as the tears fell from my eyes, and I realized: Here is my refuge. Here is someone to whom I am Not a sinner, I am Not an outcast. I am the daughter of Maharaj. He who has none is Maharaj’s own. He is My Maharaj, my father, my heaven, my peace and my God.

What peace I found in Maharaj! I am truly a Blessed Soul because I met Maharaj!

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I was debating with myself whether I should send this mail about my personal experience. Realising, that we are One Big family, then why not? Daily we are blessed with the Presence OF A WONDERFUL Swamijee as we have classes on the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. However one weekend on Sunday, all devotees were expecting Maharaj to deliver a talk, but Maharaj had other plans! He decided to call devotees from the congregation to give five minute talks on any Spiritual matter.

The devotees including self were trying to hide behind each other, as we were so nervous to go up to the stand talk. As devotees names were being called, I was trying to make an excuse to go out of the shrine, then after a good half an hour….. Swamijee calls “Navashri” shivering , I stood up to obey Revered Maharaji, as I went up to the podium, I called to Master silently…”help” “What am I going to talk about” . All Devotees, although very nervous spoke on wonderful incidents on the Lives of the Holy Trio.

Then it all dawned upon me….. Swami Brahmanandaji.. the posts that was being sent to the group and the other posts by our respected devotees…. it was all coming back to me, the teachings and a few incidents …. The confidence that I had was wonderful.

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Sri Ramakrishna never used to spend the night in sleep, nor would he allow the young devotees who stayed with to sleep long. When others had gone to bed, he would wake up His disciples, give them definite instructions and send them to the Panchavati, or the Mother’s Temple, or to Shiva’s Temple for meditation. They would spend the whole night in sadhana, as directed and take rest during the day. This was the way that Sri Ramakrishna taught His disciples the various spiritual exercises.

Master used to say : “Three classes of people keep awake in the night – Yogis, Bhogis (seekers of enjoyments) and Rogis (sick persons). You are all yogis. You should by no means sleep away the night.”
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Sri Ramakrishna Himself often rebuked His most intimate disciples, and Maharaj also used this method to train those who were near and dear to him. The chastening of a disciple never began, however, until after he enjoyed several years of love and kind words. These experiences were painful at the time, but they were later treasured among the the disciple’s sweetest memories. It often happened that even while the disciple was being reproached by Maharaj, he would (disciple)
would feel a strange undercurrent of joy.

The harsher the words, the more intensely we felt his interest in our welfare. The very fact that could speak to us in this way proved that we his children , his own.

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