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Swami Prabhavananda writes: I remember the first time Maharaj rebuked me. I failed to do a certain errand for him, because I had not understood, exactly what it was he wanted. For this neglect he scolded me throughout the afternoon. At supper time, Swami Turiyananda was seated with Maharaj and I was fanning them. The scolding continued. I remained silent. Swami Turiyananda turned to me and asked: “Do you know why Maharaj is so hard on you?”
“No. I replied frankly, I dont.” “I do not see I am to blame.”

Swami Turiyananda said: “There are three classes of disciples. The third class disciple merely does the guru’s bidding. The second class disciple does not have to be told. He acts as the thought arises in the Guru’s mind. But the first class disciple acts even before the Guru has time to think.” Maharaj wants you all to become ‘FIRST CLASS DISCIPLES’.


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