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When Sri Ramakrishna went on pilgrimage to Vrindavan, He expressed a desire to listen to the music of the vina, a stringed instrument, but no expert vina player could be found there. That desire again arose when he went to Varanasi. On enquiry, a virtuoso player on the vina, Mahesh Chandra Sarkar, was found. Master went straight to his house, and requested him to play. Mahesh played the vina , and its sweet melody sent the Master into deep ecstasy.

As Master partially regained external consciousness, He prayed: “Mother, please let me listen to the vina”. After that He was able to remain in the external plane. Master was so delighted, that at times he sang to the accompaniment of the vina. Mahesh felt that his three hours of playing was amply rewarded. The Master later paid tribute to maestro Mahesh saying: “He completely lost himself while playing on the vina.


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